Auto Body Paint Training

Auto body painting involves repainting vehicles and making necessary cosmetic repairs to cars, buses, or trucks. A vehicle generally requires this repair after a collision, or as a result of damage caused by temperature extremes,or wearing that occurs due to age. Weather damage can weaken the paint and damage the finishing, resulting in chips, rust spots, and an overall dull appearance.This often requires the services of a painter with the requisite skills and training, to restore the sheen and luster to your car.

Contrary to what many people believe, auto body painting is a skill that does require training. While a lot can be learnt on the job as a helper or apprentice, certification, can be the stepping stone to a better job with more remuneration.

Auto body paint training is available at any auto shops. These companies generally host short specialized courses for persons interested in auto body painting. Courses generally cover the basics related to painting such as paint preparation, paint technology, detailing procedures, and spot and panel refinishing.
There are also auto paint programs offered by some vocational, technical, and community colleges.Training equips persons to paint various types of vehicles using different techniques. Generally, there are no specific requirements for entering auto training facilities;however having a high school diploma is usually a good idea.

Skilled auto painters are always in demand;it is possible to gain the necessary skills, by working as an apprentice. This type of job experience coupled with the requisite vocational training is the ideal route to gain the necessary expertise as an auto painter.
Paint mixing is one of the important aspects of auto body painting; therefore training in this area is always an integral part of any training program. Training relating to color mixingand mixing techniques is available at both auto paint shops, and technical schools. Learning the art of mixing different types of automotive paints is also a vital part of this service training.
Additionally, the Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, (ASE), offers certification for painters. However, in order to be eligible for this voluntary certification, individuals must have at least 2 years of automotive painting experience, or have completed a one year course in auto body painting. The course must be one that meets the standards set by the ASE.

Auto body paint training is also important for learning about custom or specialty finishing. Custom finishing and detailing is often required by drivers who want their motor vehicle to have a different or distinctive look.

For the do-it-yourselfer, the web is a great place to get to understand the basics of auto body painting. There are a number ofYouTube training videos that outline the methods, materials, and equipment needed to complete a successful paint job. Many of these videos are uploaded by experts in the field, who give clear guidelines about how to safely and expertly paint a motor car.